27 Aug 2010

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Crafts: Tissue Paper Butterfly

It’s amazing what you can make out of discarded wire coat hangers! These colorful butterflies can be used to decorate a classroom or bedroom or for a party.

What you needto make your Tissue Paper Butterfly

  • 2 wire coat hangers
  • Several chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)
  • White tissue paper
  • White glue
  • Decorating media such as watercolor paints, markers, and/or glitter
  • Monofilament line (fishing line) to hang completed butterfly

What you do

1. Begin by bending the “hook” of the coat hanger toward the “shoulder” of the coat hanger, open end down to become the butterfly’s antennae. Repeat with the second coat hanger.

2. Attach the two hangers together using a pipe cleaner to be the butterfly’s body.

3. Use a fingertip to lightly cover edges of the hanger with white glue.

4. Put one hanger at a time between two sheets of tissue paper, smooth, and trim to fit.

5. Decorate as desired with watercolor paints, markers, and/or glitter.

Enjoy your Tissue Paper Butterfly

26 Aug 2010

Art Projects for Kids

I picked out these craft projects especially with the pre-k and kindergarten child in mind. For this age group, they can benefit from crafts and activities that enhance fine motor skills and also teach them things they should know when they start school. While I give the age suggestions for these crafts, the best judge as to whether your child can handle these crafts or not is you. Your goal is to have them enjoy themselves without getting frustrated.

3-Dimensional Numbers Collage

3-Dimensional Numbers Collage

These are great number pictures you can hang around the house for decoration and to help with number recognition. Hang the numbers low enough so the child can touch the different objects.


Bagel Bird Feeder

Bagel Bird Feeder

Attract a variety of birds to your backyard with this bird feeder that will all but disappear when they discover it.

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Follow these instructions and discover how you can make your own alphabet refrigerator magnets.

Alphabet Rubbings

Alphabet Rubbings

This activity is not only fun but it also helps with letter recognition. Try making other rubbings in the background of your picture using other objects.

Alphabet Soup Picture

Alphabet Soup Picture

Pre-K and kindergarten kids will enjoy making a fun picture of alphabet soup using noodles and construction paper. Working with the small noodles helps with fine motor skills and kids can work on letter recognition at the same time.

Apple Magnet Craft

Apple Magnet Craft

Follow these directions and enjoy making a magnet craft that looks like an apple, complete with a worm!

Apple Print Craft

Apple Print Craft

Try your hand at printmaking by making these nice prints using apples and other fruits.


Bread Painting Snack

Bread Painting Snack

A fun and creative snack idea - paint a masterpiece on a piece of bread and then eat.


Activity Travel Tray Craft

Activity Travel Tray Craft

Find out how to recycle an old cookie sheet into a fun activity tray. This makes a great gift for kids of all ages and makes for a nice travel activity.

Alphabet Collage Book

Alphabet Collage Book

Use these printable alphabet letters and these directions and make your own alphabet collage book.

12 Apr 2010

Make a Bunny Basket

How to make a Bunny Basket, it is traditional for children to leave a basket out the night before Easter for the Easter bunny to fill with candies and treats. Now you can greet the Easter bunny with a basket that is as cute and cuddly as he is. Help your child to decorate this cotton bunny basket.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Basket
  • Craft glue or hot glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Large googly eyes
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • White felt
  • Pink felt
  • Scissors
  • Easter themed ribbon
  1. Select a basket that is rectangular or oval. Pick an inexpensive wicker basket that has no embellishments.
  2. Use tacky glue or a hot glue gun to glue rows of cotton balls to the basket. Start on the bottom and work your way to the top. Glue the cotton balls close together so that you can’t see the basket through the cotton.
  3. Cut out 2 ear shapes from the white felt. Cut out 2 smaller ear shapes from the pink felt. Glue the pink felt to the white felt. Attach the ears to the front of the basket with glue.
  4. Cut out a small triangle from the pink felt. Glue the triangle upside down to make the Easter bunny nose.
  5. Attach large googly eyes with glue just above the nose. Form a pipe cleaner into a curved W shape. Glue the W under the bunny nose with the middle of the W touching the bottom point of the triangle.
  6. Tie a ribbon around the handle of the basket.
10 Apr 2010

How to Decorate Easter Bunny Cupcakes with Cookies and Candy

Cookies and candy make the perfect materials to decorate Easter bunny cupcakes. Kids will love decorating them, and all of the materials can be purchased at the grocery store and require no cooking.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Cupcakes
  • Icing
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Butter knife
  • Cutting board
  1. Ice the cupcakes with pre-made frosting from the can. You can use white or pastel colors to create the Easter bunny face.
  2. Place one pastel or black gumdrop in the center of the cupcake for the bunny nose.
  3. Cut strings of black string licorice two inches long. Place these on either side of the gumdrop to act as whiskers.
  4. Cut one small string of red shoe string licorice to be the mouth. Place two pieces of candy corn under the mouth to be the buck teeth on the rabbit face.
  5. Create eyes for the bunny using two white gumdrops. Cut small dots out of blue or black gumdrops. Press one into each white gum drop. Press the two eyes on the face.
  6. Take two peanut butter peanut shaped cookies and paint them with the same frosting you used fo the cupcake. These will be the bunny ears. You can use more candy to create the inside of the ears. Taffy can be formed like Play-Doh and pressed into the icing.
  7. Stand the ears on the top of the bunny head by pressing them vertically into the cupcake.
  8. Tie one piece of red shoe string licorice into a bow. Place the bow at the neck of the cupcake. Repeat this process on as many cupcakes as needed.
02 Feb 2010

Festive Pumpkin Craft

Crafts: Pumpkin

Got an extra wire coat hanger? Turn it into this festive pumpkin!

What you need to build your Pumpkin

  • 3 wire coat hangers
  • Orange, tan, and green pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)
  • Pencil

What you do

1. Bend the 3 coat hangers into circles. (Image 2)

2. Slip the wire hanger circles inside each other for the body of the pumpkin. (Image 3)

3. Loosely wrap the orange pipe cleaner over the wires making up the body of the pumpkin. You don’t need to cover them completely.

4. To secure the pumpkin shape, weave a tan pipe cleaner in and out, up and down around the junction point at the bottom of the pumpkin. (Image 4)

5. For the pumpkin’s stem, bend all 3 hanger “hooks” together and wrap a green pipe cleaner around them to cover the wire. (Image 5)

6. For the pumpkin’s leafy tendril, wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil, then slide the pencil out and bend the pipe cleaner to secure it to the stem. (Image 5)

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

 Enjoy your Festive Pumpkin Craft

27 Jan 2010

Kid Dream Catcher

Kid Dream Catcher

Use a leftover wire coat hanger to create this bit of Native American lore.

What you need to build your dream catcher

  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • Yarn (length depends on the size of the hanger)
  • Optional: strip of fabric 1” wide (length depends on the size of the hanger)
  • White glue (if using fabric)
  • Feathers and beads for decoration

 What you do

1. Bend the wire coat hanger into a circle.

2. Wrap the yarn or fabric tightly around the wire. This takes a while if you’re using yarn; using fabric strips speeds things up. If using fabric, lightly coat the wire with white glue to secure as you wrap, a small amount at a time.

3. Knot the yarn to the covered circle at the hook. Imagining a clock face, stretch the yarn to the place on the circle that would be 2 o’clock and make a knot, but do not cut the yarn. Continue around circle, making knots at irregular intervals, about 4 knots to go all the way around.

4. Make the circle again, this time knot to the yarn instead of the wire about midway thru each section.

5. Secure and trim the yarn.

6. Attach several lengths of yarn to the bottom of the dream catcher.

7. Slip on beads and slip feathers thru the beads to attach.

Enjoy your Kids Dream Catcher

10 Mar 2008

Easter Coloring Pages - Free Printable Easter Cards

Easter Coloring Pages

Get out your crayons, markers and paints, and have fun coloring. Have fun decorating the eggs and making your picture extra special! Make a card or color a large or medium sized picture. Then print and color!

Free Printable Easter Coloring Page - Girl

Easter Coloring Templates - Make an Easter card

Free Printable Easter Coloring Page - Boy

Easter page Coloring - Free For Kids!

Bunny and Egg Photo

Make an Easter card

You can find more activities here:

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

01 Mar 2008

Plastic Egg Bunny - Easter Arts and Crafts - Printable Easter Projects

Plastic Egg Bunny Decorating

Easter Arts and Craft Photo
Make cute Easter bunnies from a plastic egg, pom-poms and fun foam (or construction paper). You can even hide some Easter candy inside your bunny for a special Easter treat.

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic easter egg
  • 2 medium or large white pompoms
  • 1 small pink pompom
  • 2 sheets of fun foam or construction paper (white and pink)
  • Pipe cleaners for whiskers (optional)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • 2 googly eyes (the bigger the better)

Easter Arts and Crafts

Easter Egg Coloring Photo
Cut two large white bunny ears that will go with your plastic egg. Cut two smaller pink ears that will fit inside the white ears. Glue the smaller pink piece inside the larger white piece, with the bottoms lined up. Repeat for other ear.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Projects

Easter Egg Decorating Photo


Glue the ears to the top of the small end of the egg, spacing them about 1/2″ to 1″ apart.



Plastic Egg Bunny Decorating

Easter Egg Fun Photo
Glue the two white pompoms on the front of the egg just above where the egg opens up (these will be the chubby cheeks). Glue the pompoms together on the egg, then glue the pink pompom on the center, on top of the white pompoms, smushing it a little in between and up against the plastic egg.


Easter Arts and Crafts

Plastic Easter Egg Decorating Photo
Glue on the eyes; they look better if they are a bit over-sized. Put candy inside your bunny for a special treat.

06 Feb 2008

Valentine’s Day Love Bird Magnet

Valentine’s Day Love Bird MagnetLet this little birdie tell someone you love them on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Love Bird Magnet Supplies

1 big red pompom
1 small red pompom
Red craft foam
Orange craft foam
Wiggly eyes

Valentine’s Day Love Bird Magnet Instructions

Trace and cut pattern out orange craft foam to make the bird’s beaks and feet. Glue small pompom on top of the big pompom. Glue the feet to the big pompom. Let dry. Cut two red hearts out of red craft foam and glue to the back of the bird. Glue beak and wiggly eyes to the head of the bird. Cut I love you strip and glue it between the magnet disk and the hearts to the back of the bird. Turn bird on its back and let dry.

Your Children are going to love making Valentine’s Day Love Bird Magnet !

04 Feb 2008

Valentine’s Wreath

Valentine’s WreathTeachers: this is a great project for Valentine’s Day, and can be done on a much smaller scale. Instead of making a wreath with multiple hearts, make a doily and put one heart in the middle. There are 236 yards in a ball of cotton yarn, so if you have a class of 30, that is almost 16 yards of yarn (8 of each color) per student–two balls will be plenty!


1 ball 760-100 Cotton: White
1 ball 760-112 Cotton: Poppy Red
Red glitter (optional, but nice)
white glitter (optional, but nice)
Red (or white) sparkly pipe cleaners (optional, but nice)
White School Glue
Hot Glue Gun / hot glue
Waxed Paper or non-stick cookie sheet.

Valentine’s Wreath Instructions

Valentine’s Wreath
Pour the glue into a bowl, dilute with water if you want, but no more than one part water to four parts glue. Cut a piece of waxed paper as big as you’d like your wreath. If it’s not wide enough, cut two sheets and lay them side by side. If you’d like to make sure the wreath is round in the middle, place a bowl or a plate in the middle of the waxed paper to use to mark the center.

Cut about 3-4 yards (or less if you’d like to make little doilies) of the white cotton (A). Dip it in the glue and make little lace-like loops with it on the waxed paper. If you use up all the yarn and you don’t think the wreath is thick or wide enough, you can always cut another piece of cotton and add more — it is not important if there is an extra end or two because they will stick together! When you like the way the wreath or doily looks, and before it dries, cover it completely in glitter. If you’d like to speed up the drying process, place the Valentine’s Wreath in the oven at 150 degrees F for about 20 minutes.

While the Valentine’s Wreath is drying, make the red hearts.

For the red hearts, you’ll need another sheet of waxed paper, and more glue. Dip the red cotton (B) into the glue and make hearts on the waxed paper. Be creative! There is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ heart!! You can make the hearts small or large, and you can always add pipe cleaners or other decorations to them after they’re dry to add a different texture. When you’ve made as many hearts as you want. Cover them in white or red glitter (or both!). The hearts that look pink in the picture are the ones with the white glitter on them. You can let the hearts dry naturally or pop them in the oven at low temperature.

When everything is dry, it’s time to assemble it! First, you’ll need to shake the extra glitter off. This can, of course, be saved for a later project. If the Valentine’s Wreath isn’t stable enough, go around the back a few times with the hot glue. Working from the front, use the hot glue to attach the hearts to the Valentine’s Wreath.

If you’d like, place a red ribbon at the top to hang it up! Your kids are going to love making this Valentine’s Wreath!